AMU Student Healthcare Chapter Joins National Institute for Healthcare Improvement Substance Abuse Campaign

The aim of the AMU Student Chapter of the Open School Program at the prestigious Institute for Healthcare Improvement is “to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery.” AMU Chapter student teams have completed Degree or Black Belt-related projects, reported results on storyboards and competed in national or international competitions. Attached is a photo of AMU Healthcare graduates and sample storyboard.

Starting spring 2018, the AMU Student Chapter will join the IHI sponsored student-led national campaign against substance abuse disorders. All members of the AMU Community are encouraged to join the Student Chapter at the initial meeting during Commencement Week-end June 8-9. Nominations for new members and inquiries should be sent to

Quality Theory and Practice Illustrated in AMU’s Academic Regalia

AMU is the nation’s only University whose programs are all founded on Quality Management Principles and Best Practices. AMU illustrates its commitment to Quality Management through the Quality-based tools which students use in learning skills and competencies. And students understand both Quality “theory” and “practice” in achieving real-time Project results.

At the June 2018 graduation, AMU will further illustrate its commitment to the “theory” and “practice” of quality through its academic regalia. The doctoral hood, pictured here) will include two chevrons, one each for theory and practice.

Goodwill, Peace and Blessings To All!

Happy Holidays! To everyone in the American Meridian University Community, their families and friends. May your spirit be filled with joy, your hopes be filled with light, and your holiday be blessed by goodwill which you give and receive throughout the year!

No classes Friday, December 22 – Monday, January 1 for the Christmas break. AMU will be closed during this time.

Quality Process Funds Dogs For Veterans and Children

AMU students contributed pro bono quality process improvements to 4 Paws for Ability, a non-profit which provides rescue dogs for veterans and autistic children. The student team improved the organization’s social media campaign for fund raising. The quality improvements reduced the costs of fund raising while increasing total revenues.

IHI Student Chapter Reduces Healthcare Costs

The AMU student chapter of the esteemed Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) continues to complete graduate level projects at hospitals and physician practices. The physicians, nurses and staff (students and faculty in AMU programs) reduce treatment costs through practical process improvements. Program graduates report out savings through PowerPoints and Storyboards based on the IHI template.

Black Belt Cohort Achieves Financial Savings

Students in all programs complete tangible, financial work-related process improvement savings in lieu of traditional papers. The graduating November, 2017 cohort comprised of working adults from the finance, healthcare and not-for-profit segments all reported savings of more than 10x tuition investment for their sponsors or employers.

DBA, MS, BS and Six Sigma programs launch September 14-21

Thinking of attending AMU?

AMU alumni and students report that they chose AMU for three top reasons:

  1. The School
  2. The Program
  3. The Project done in lieu of a senior term paper, Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

First, the School offers programs for individuals, teams and sponsors who want measurable results from education, and who value skills and competencies as well as knowledge. Second, AMU programs focus on quality management, healthcare management and implementation, and higher education at the Bachelor Completion, Masters and doctoral levels. AMU is the University known for quality in its subject matter and its high on-time completion rate. Third, every program culminates in a real-life process improvement completed in real time at employers or sponsors.  Projects may be done as individuals or teams, who most often choose to improve a process they do day-to-day.

If this “hands-on” education seems a good match with your personal and professional goals, click here to learn more about program specifics and fall, 2017 start dates.

Student Spotlight: Kathy Pool, CPA

Kathy Pool, CPA, Firm Administrator at Rudler PSC.

Kathy employs lean management and six sigma with her AMU process improvement student team. She credits Rudler PSC and her co-workers as benchmarks in continuous improvement.

AMU programs encourage students to add to the body of knowledge in quality management, healthcare and education. Kathy also publishes in professional accounting journals.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Student Chapter

achieves cost efficient healthcare processes using lean thinking
and six-sigma based improvements

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is an esteemed global leader in policy development, education, and initiatives to improve healthcare for populations in the United States and globally. IHI’s Initiatives include Improving Healthcare for 100 Million by 2020.

IHI supports the establishment of Campus Chapters with diverse aims and common mission to improve healthcare through the combined efforts of students and faculty advisors for the Chapter. At AMU, faculty from the Business, Health, and Education programs are advisors.

IHI and the AMU Student Chapter are committed to the “Triple Aim” of healthcare:
1. improve healthcare to populations;
2. enhance communication between patients and healthcare provider;
3. reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. The AMU Chapter focuses on reducing the cost of healthcare delivery through process improvement. The Chapter will use quality systems management principles and best practices to reduce inefficiencies, rework and waste, thus reducing cost of delivery.

Lean More about IHI. Click here