About AMU

American Meridian University is a licensed, Professional Practice institution whose Programs turn quality-based theory into real-life work-place or sponsored Projects with quantifiable results in 12- to 24-months. AMU offers Doctorates in Quality Systems Management, Health Systems Management, and Higher Education Leadership and Innovation as well as Bachelor Completion and Master’s Degrees in Quality Systems Management and Health Systems Management. Students complete degrees while they continue to work in diverse sectors such as aviation, healthcare, finance, education and government. Students’ global backgrounds include the United States, Puerto Rico, France, Philippines, Asia, Middle East, et al. Student employers and sponsors include American Red Cross, United States Veterans Administration, Dell, Oshkosh Defense Corporation, General Motors, National Patient Safety Headquarters, Pratt-Whitney Aviation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, United States Marine Corps, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Boeing Corporation, and American Association for Retired Persons (AARP).

Students complete Degree Projects in lieu of theses or dissertations. Degree Projects illustrate comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies used on the job, to resolve an employer or sponsor priority, to lead significant national initiatives, or achieve a public benefit. Programs launch in cohorts online, onsite at a cohort sponsor, or in a blended “high-tech, high-touch” format.

Employers or sponsors support Projects by individual students, student teams or cohorts. Projects measurably improve a significant employer or sponsor process. Projects illustrate student learning through measurable, tangible results, and Return on Investment (ROI) from tuition investment. Project sponsors have praised the lasting impact of AMU degrees on employees as teaching them skills which they learn and continue to use in the future, “not just giving them fish but teaching them how to fish.” Sponsors also report that AMU Degrees result in long term, repeatable, tangible results.