Bachelor Completion

Bachelor Completion in

Quality Systems Management

Bachelor Completion in

Health Systems Management

The One Year On-Line Bachelor Completion Degree is a ten course, thirty credit, two semester Program for experienced adults who wish to complete an accelerated Bachelor’s Degree while continuing work or military service. Faculty lead courses on-line each week for two and a half hours. Courses are provided one at a time, and teach Degree related competencies and skills. Sessions are interactive, use student experience as examples, and relate directly to online Bachelor Degree course materials. The Degree culminates in a Team Project which achieves measurable process improvement. American Meridian University offers online Bachelors’ Completion Degrees in Health Systems Management and Quality Systems Management. Among Degree concentrations are diverse and include Patient Safety, Affordability Care Act, Population Health, Six Sigma Management, Supply Chain, Lean Management and Lean Health Applications.

American Meridian University on-line Degrees are competency and skill based to respond to the demands of the national and global marketplace. The curricula is developed and continuously improved by Faculty, who collaborate with Quality System practitioners, contemporary employers and veteran friendly agencies. Each of the ten courses is part of a systemic accumulation of competencies and skills which are demonstrated in the final Project. Among the courses are an Overview of Quality Systems, Overview of Quality Principles as they apply to health systems, process mapping, value stream mapping, bench-marking project management and cost of poor quality. Students form three to four person Teams of their own choosing, and select a Project from one of their work environments to which they all contribute. At the end of their Program, the Teams receive recognition for their work at the Founder’s Conference on Performance Excellence at which they present their Project on-line to a diverse audience of sponsors, employers, public sector representatives, and senior military officers.

Adult students expect Faculty who are widely experienced, and American Meridian University faculty are experienced practitioners who are also excellent teachers. Students receive their materials on line at least one month in advance of the course start, and Faculty lead students through their on-line courses step by step in weekly sessions. The sessions are recorded and archived so that students with conflicts such as business travel or military duty may access them at their convenience. Faculty share the American Meridian University support of student retention. Teams of Faculty and external experts assess student learning outcomes (SLOs) course by course and at the end of each semester so that students know their progress on a regular basis. Every Bachelor’s course focuses on a competency or skill, and all courses tie back to the Bachelor’s Project that is related to the student’s work or military service.

Applicants to the online American Meridian University Bachelors’ Completion Degrees are accepted on an individual basis after a designated Admissions adviser reviews the student file and a senior Faculty member speaks personally with each applicant. American Meridian University accepts up to 90 credits in transfer toward The Bachelor’s Completion Degree and the online Bachelors’ Programs adds the final thirty credits for a Program total of 120 credits. Admissions staff encourage students to assemble an experiential learning portfolio in which the documents learning and training work, volunteer and non-degree bearing activities. American Meridian University expects that typical applicants will enter with an Associate’s Degree that includes general education credits, but will work in partnership with other institutions to assist the applicant’s achievement of an appropriate degree and additional credits.