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Higher Education, Leadership and Innovation

All American Meridian University doctoral Programs are twenty course, sixty-credit Programs, completed over four consecutive semesters. Doctoral courses meet online every week at pre-established times with consistent Faculty supervision and constant on-line mentoring. Students who wish to transfer doctoral credits, or who are “All But Dissertation” are encouraged to explore advanced doctoral standing with a designated American Meridian University senior faculty member.

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree is often termed a professional practice degree because it is designed to turn theory into practice. The DBA requires a curious mind which wants to go beyond research to action research, to finding out what could be improved in a process—and then actually to make a practical improvement in real, accelerated time. Consistent with the practical degree emphasis, students complete Dissertation Projects in lieu of traditional Dissertations, which are intended to be studies.

The DBA Dissertation process methodically enhances competencies and skills by tying every course back to the Dissertation Project. The completed Project is reviewed by a Committee including an external subject matter Project expert, and then discussed in an oral defense which is considered a “Conversation Among Colleagues.” American Meridian University Dissertation Projects aim to achieve tangible, measurable and financial results which can be replicated and sustained

The Projects have both Faculty academic advisers and field Supervisors from the organization hosting the improvement. The process to be improved is assessed by quantitative and qualitative performance metrics such as customer satisfaction, patient safety, cycle time, etc. American Meridian University faculty understand that traditional Dissertations may take longer than expected because the Dissertation scope is too broad and may result in the worthy student who is All But Dissertation. In order to enhance retention and on-time Degree completion, American Meridian University Faculty corroborate with students right from the start to limit sensibly the Dissertation scope.

The American Meridian University DBA is designed for mature, experienced adults who want their doctoral work to make a measurable, tangible improvement in their workplace, their community, and the national or global marketplace. Students represent the private, public, government and military sectors, and consequently Dissertation Projects have wide potential impact. The Doctoral Programs at American Meridian University are aligned with the best practices of competency based education, which enhances and refreshes competencies and skills and which are deemed useful in the contemporary marketplace, such as lean thinking, value stream mapping, advanced bench-marking and precise calculations of the cost of poor quality. Doctoral students are awarded an American Meridian University Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upon graduation.