Doctorate in Quality Systems Management

Program Title: Quality Systems Management: Doctor of Business Administration
Credit Hours: 60
Pre-requisite: Master’s Degree
Program Duration: 104 weeks
Cost per Credit Hour: $500 per credit hour
Total Cost of Tuition and Fees: $30,000 (24-month program)
Course Materials (Books & Software): $1,500
Total Cost of Program: $31,500 (including books, software, and shipping)
Group and Team Tuition rates Available
For a detailed breakdown and description of the course materials, please refer to the catalog.
Program Description

The Doctor of Business Administration of Degree in Quality Systems Management is a hands-on, applied program during which individuals understand and practice the knowledge, competencies and skills valued in the global marketplace and of value to students themselves. Courses focus on separate competency and skills such as team building, benchmarking, lean/six sigma analysis, project management and finance. Each of the four semesters ends with a Practicum/Project review of all learning in the previous semester. The courses culminate in a team or individual project at an employer or sponsor that achieves practical, and measurable results before students graduate. Students can thus show their current or potential employers a real result done in real time.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Manage and lead work-related teams at all level
  2. Understand and apply best practices of quality management in strategic and day to day operations
  3. Identify process flaws or process breakdown
  4. Determine root cause of organizational inefficiencies
  5. Manage and lead process improvements enterprise-wide
  6. Manage and lead projects enterprise-wide
  7. Manage and resolve complex organizational productivity challenges
  8. Achieve tangible, measurable, financial project management results enterprise-wide
Potential Employment

Upon successfully completing this program the graduate may qualify to manage or direct a quality-based team. Graduates will be able to demonstrate skilled project management, process improvement in contemporary team environments, and measurable, tangible and financial results from a designated project that has significant enterprise-wide results.

Code Name Credits
QSM 700 Principles and Best Practices of Quality Systems Management 3
QSM 720 Building High Performance Teams 3
QSM 730 Action Research Methodology and Applications 3
QSM 735 Project Management Applications 3
QSM 738 Process Mapping Applications 3
QSM 742 Value Stream Mapping Applications 3
QSM 745 APA Applications 3
QSM 750 Practicum: Doctoral Project I 3
QSM 751 Practicum: Doctoral Project II 3
QSM 752 Practicum: Doctoral Project III 3
QSM 753 Practicum: Doctoral Project IV 3
QSM 775 Financial System Applications 3
QSM 777 Lean Six Sigma Management 3
QSM 780 Advanced Benchmarking 3
QSM 791 Best Practices in Teaching And Technology 3
QSM 793 ePublishing 3
QSM 794 Leaders and Lessons Learned 3
QSM 798 Directed Readings, Research and Writing 3
QSM 890 Directed Studies 3
QSM 892 Oral Defense Preparation 3

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