Institute for Healthcare Improvement Student Chapter

achieves cost efficient healthcare processes using lean thinking
and six-sigma based improvements

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is an esteemed global leader in policy development, education, and initiatives to improve healthcare for populations in the United States and globally. IHI’s Initiatives include Improving Healthcare for 100 Million by 2020.

IHI supports the establishment of Campus Chapters with diverse aims and common mission to improve healthcare through the combined efforts of students and faculty advisors for the Chapter. At AMU, faculty from the Business, Health, and Education programs are advisors.

IHI and the AMU Student Chapter are committed to the “Triple Aim” of healthcare:
1. improve healthcare to populations;
2. enhance communication between patients and healthcare provider;
3. reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. The AMU Chapter focuses on reducing the cost of healthcare delivery through process improvement. The Chapter will use quality systems management principles and best practices to reduce inefficiencies, rework and waste, thus reducing cost of delivery.

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