Public Service Initiatives

Public Service Initiatives

The AMU Director of Population and Tele-Health Initiatives is standing up teams from among the AMU Community to advance the “Triple Aim” of population health: enhance health among populations; facilitate individual access to health; reduce cost of health delivery. The AMU Director and volunteer faculty are engaged in a program from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to help identify, train and encourage change agents from among the global AMU Community in the field of population health. AMU is among the leading higher education Institutions in the United States to engage in the promotion of population health by AMU teams in the United States and internationally.


Volunteerism on behalf of causes which uniformly and fairly benefit groups, organizations, not-for-profit entities, and responses to weather-related emergencies are encouraged by AMU. Efforts are underway to help members of the AMU global community collaborate at a distance for a common cause or activity such as a “walk”. Volunteerism as a demonstration of over-all ethics is part of a doctoral course for which students receive credit.

Pro-Bono Institutional Collaboration for Student Research

Since 2013, AMU has provided extensive research access to students and faculty via the Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN®). LIRN® is a not-for-profit, recognized leader in providing library information resources at reduced cost to Institutions of higher learning. In 2016, AMU initiated a series of complimentary training sessions to faculty and administrators from regionally and nationally accredited higher education Institutions. The Dean of Information Resources reports annually on progress to the AMU Community.