Identity Verification

AMU’s student identification process ensures that the student who earned the credit or completion document is the same student who completed the course assignments and assessments. Student identity is verified upon enrollment, admission, and submissions at milestone intervals from the first moment of orientation to the final project. The AMU process is:

  1. students submit government-issued IDs at enrollment, admission and milestone intervals
  2. students submit government-issued IDs at program orientation
  3. AMU staff compares and verifies previously received pictures against the government-issued ID
  4. faculty take attendance at every course via the web address of every student
  5. students’ submitted work is verified against their student ID and password
  6. all name changes must be verified through a government-issued ID; the new ID must be on file at AMU. This verification is through user ID and password system checks as well as verification of persons to their government-issued IDs