General Questions
  • Why do students choose AMU?
    AMU offers a practical experience of completing a real-time degree and project.
  • Who are faculty?
    AMU Faculty are practitioners with real-world experience.
  • What is the on-time graduation rate?
  • Are GMATS or other entrance exams required?
  • What is most important for admission?
    The match between AMU programs and applicant career plans.
  • How soon are applicants notified?
    Within 5 working days of application.
  • Who are AMU students?
    Adults who complete degrees while working.
  • Adults who complete degrees while working.
    Yes, with option to work individually.
  • What fields are students from?
    Yes. Business, engineering, healthcare, international, etc.
  • Are classes synchronous or asynchronous?
    Weekly synchronous classes with one on one asychrononous sessions.
  • Are classes online, onsite or blended?
    AMU offers all three formats
  • How do students access materials?
    Through online system accessible 24×7
  • How much is tuition per program?
    The most up date tuition can be found here
    Tuition and Fees
  • Are payment plans available?
  • Are there special discounts?
    Yes. Active and veteran military, Team, and sponsor discounts.