AMU is committed to provide quality higher education that is affordable and accessible worldwide

We Bring AMU to You

AMU is committed to provide quality higher education that is affordable and accessible worldwide. AMU quality education will be available to you locally wherever you live and work.

Learning While Working

Working and experienced adults make the majority of AMU students. They can complete all the required courses at convenient times, dates and locations without disrupting their jobs. AMU Degrees are based on 12-month and 24-month programs and are centered on the concept of unique cohort classes sharing common backgrounds and fine-tuned to the sponsor’s needs.

Real-Time Real-Life Results

As individuals or teams, students customize their programs by choosing a specific process to improve. Students choose performance metrics or outcomes, e.g. defects, patient safety, or student retention that matters to them, their employers or Project sponsor.

Practical Projects

AMU Programs are designed to improve processes that are actually used by students, their co-workers and associates every day. Practical projects based on actual workplace processes and approved by employers and sponsors must be completed by the students under AMU supervision.

Verified Project Results

Each student Project must achieve real life measurable improvements before student graduation. Project outcomes are tested and verified by quantifiable metrics. The Programs are designed so that Projects are finished, tested and verified in real time, before students graduate.

Competency and Team Based Education

Students learn and practice skills for on-the- job applications. Students learn and practice Team cooperation, data collection, research, design, and decision-making

Real and Practical Value

If you are expending resources like time, money, or effort, you want to gain real value as your return on investment. Every AMU course adds useful knowledge, competencies and skills to what you want or need to know. Every project will achieve real and significant improvement and savings. You are not just earning an AMU degree. You are gaining real values for the students and the employers