AMU Holds Alumni Association Reception and Awards Ceremony

AMU Holds Alumni Association
Reception and Awards Ceremony

Washington, DC., June 9, 2018 –American Meridian University (AMU) Dr. James N. Phillips Jr, receives the President’s Medallion award from Dr. Sharon L. Burton, Chief Learning Officer, for outstanding achievement in his pro bono consulting and significant contributions to AMU at an Alumni Reception and Awards Presentation at the Boca Raton Hilton in Boca Raton, FL.

Upon receiving his award, Dr. Phillips gave a heartfelt speech crediting the AMU Doctor of Business Administration program for helping him “make a better life” by publishing articles and a book related to his career. Dr. Phillips thanked his wife for her support through his studies, and his AMU faculty and Advisor for encouraging and supporting his effort to receive a doctorate.

The evening also featured networking opportunities for AMU alumni, faculty, and friends from the Florida area.  Dr. Jay Gabrelcik, President of the AMU Alumni Association, spoke to the crowd about the activities of the Alumni Association, including the creation of a new mentoring program and future activities, and Dr. Burton spoke about the future of the University, including the fact that the doctoral program enrollment was one of the largest in school history.

Dr. Francis Grimm, Vice President of the Alumni Association, said “The event was heartwarming and a pleasure to attend. My wife is also an AMU doctoral graduate and we welcome these gatherings as if they were family affairs.”

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