Library Resources and Information Network (LIRN®)

Library Resources and Information Network (LIRN®)

AMU provides library services to all students through an online, globally available network provided by the Library Information Resources Network (LIRN®). LIRN® is a recognized not-for-profit, international provider of library services to diverse educational Institutions whose students require 24×7 access to multiple research databases, a full range of texts, peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, and full-text download from a full range of sources. Contact AMU to find out more at

AMU, LIRN®, and Practical Projects

All AMU students complete work, industry, sector or sponsored Projects as the culminating demonstration of the knowledge, skills, and competencies learned in their AMU Degrees. The Projects identify and measurably improve processes which are significant to their employers or sponsors. Students receive immediate access to LIRN® at student Orientation through AMU’s Institutional membership in LIRN®. AMU’s membership allows students to gain online access to background information and related publications 24×7 at students’ convenience.


LIRN® provides on-line videos and support tutorials, as well as on-line, live chat, and qualified, professional staff who facilitate library services.