The University Mace

American Meridian University Commencements begin with the entrance of the University Mace, carried by the University Marshal. The mace is present at ceremonies only when the president and Board of Trustees are in attendance and signifies that proceedings have official sanction. The tradition of the mace dates from medieval England, when the mace was held by a designated protector of order and safety at ceremonial functions. Maces are used by governing bodies including the U.S. House of Representatives. An esteemed symbol of authority, the mace reminds us that universities are protectors of learning and that learning imparts the power of knowledge upon the Institution’s students and graduates. At American Meridian University, the mace signifies the competency to induce change and improvement through the applied best practices of Quality Management.

In 2018, the University celebrates its 5th Annual Commencement. The Mace is carried by the individual whom the University considers the person who has most contributed to the success of current graduates: Dr. Sharon L. Burton, Director of Publishing Initiatives and Senior Adviser to Doctoral Dissertation Projects. The mace bears the Great Seal of AMU and its direct predecessor as Institutions committed to Quality Management.