The Hooding Ceremony

By Karen DiGloria, AMU Admissions Director

The Academic Hood
The hood that forms part of today’s academic regalia was originally a head covering for bad weather. Later it was dropped to the shoulders in the form of a small cape. Eventually, the hood became a separate piece of apparel bearing even more symbolism than the gown. The hood’s outer rim is colored velvet denoting the wearer’s discipline and degree level.

The American Meridian University Hood
American Meridian University recognizes its Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral students and Honorary Doctorate recipients during a Hooding Ceremony held in conjunction with its Annual Commencement Week-end. The colorful hood of the institution is reserved for those who attain earned academic degrees beyond the bachelor’s degree or honorary acclaim for their professional, public service or humanitarian accomplishments. Members of the AMU Graduate Faculty drape the hood over each designated graduate in the historic tradition during the Commencement Ceremony. The colors of the hood’s outer rim are part of the “authentic” regalia selected by the founder of American Meridian University and its predecessor Institution to represent the Quality Systems Management discipline. The different colors of the hood denote the degree level. The Master’s hood is gold. The AMU doctoral and post-doctoral hoods are Wedgewood blue. The outer color of the Honorary Doctorate hoods is brown. The interior of all AMU hoods is a deep red silk with two black chevrons. The two chevrons represent AMU’s two pillars of “Theory” and “Practice” and the University-wide commitment to Quality System Management.