Significant Financial Results

AMU students lauded for Quality Management Projects with significant  financial  results by private sector sponsors.

AMU Projects
AMU students in all undergraduate and graduate programs complete actual process improvements at current or future employers and  sponsors.

Projects Achieve Measurable Results Prior to Student Graduation
At least one iteration of the improved process is tested before students proceed to graduation.  Data comparing the process according to pre-agreed performance metrics performance  is verified by AMU faculty and sponsor or employer representatives.  The project results are also reported out to a gathering of invited guests and industry experts.

Quality Management Best Practices Achieve Applied Results
Students working as individuals or sponsored teams use every day principles, such data collection, simple tools such as cause and effect diagrams, and process and value stream maps to find root cause of a problem.

Sponsor and Private Sector Commendations
A recent (January, 2017) cohort reported out annual project savings between $150,000- $1.3 million per project.

Learn More about Projects
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