QSM 798

QSM 798
Special Topics for Study and Research Part 1



notebook-53 Credits

Course Description
This is the first part of a two-part course which provides the opportunity to expand more deeply into a topic related closely to the dissertation project. The student establishes a specific plan to expand knowledge on a central element of the dissertation project, refine skill connected to a particular tool, or enhance the competency related to the process improvement that is central to the dissertation.
The student establishes a work plan with the project advisor before the work begins. The student documents progress, and reports in writing and verbally to the advisor on a pre-established. periodic basis.The central competency taught by the course is the ability to integrate the additional enhancements into the dissertation project without diverting the focus of the project to a subsidiary or collateral area of interest.

Course Format
This course is delivered in a series of online modules complemented by off-line review and assistance. In person, on-site sessions are offered where possible.

Course Goals
Deliver a structural framework which allows students the opportunity to refine knowledge, skills and competencies connected to the dissertation project.

Course Objectives

  • Teach the skill to expand knowledge on a research project (the dissertation project) while maintaining a constant focus on the central topic
  • Explain the skillful additions of research which link back to the dissertation project explicitly
  • Demonstrate constant and helpful feedback