HSM 793

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HSM 793
ePublishing via the AMU Portal

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Data from students, the AMU Student Quality Council (SQC) and American Meridian University Alumni Association (AMUAA) indicate that many AMU students and alumni envision an interest in full or part-time teaching. As a University, AMU supports this vision and career path by providing opportunities and guidance for students to publish their blogs, abstracts, works in progress or dissertation project summaries via the AMU Publishing Initiative.

One of the opportunities under the Publishing Initiative is the AMU Annual Conference, in which students and alumni join national and international speakers in presenting Abstracts. AMU students relate their abstract to their dissertation projects. The titles of the abstracts and names of the presenters are recorded formally in the Conference Proceedings, thus ensuring the Abstract/ Conference presentation is visible on the internet. This course provides a framework for organizing the abstract in preparation for the presentation of the abstract.

Course Format
This course is delivered in a series of online modules complemented by off-line review and assistance. In person, on-site sessions are offered where possible.

Course Goals
Deliver a structural framework which allows students the opportunity to refine knowledge, skills and competencies connected to the dissertation project.

Course Objectives

  • Teach the skill to compose concise, cohesive analyses related to the dissertation project
  • Explain the connection of designated research to the dissertation project/process improvement
  • Demonstrate organization of ideas

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