Lean Management Principles and Practices in Healthcare

Program Title: Lean Management Principles and Practices in Healthcare
Program Duration: 20 weeks
Courses: 4
Cost Per Credit Hour: $330
Course Materials: $600
Total Cost of Tuition and Fees: $4,590
Group and Team Tuition Rates Available
Program Description

The Program builds core competencies in Lean principles, best practices, and methods as they are generally employed in Healthcare. The course also extends knowledge of the development and history of lean thinking from the modern through contemporary periods. Lean and six-sigma-related vocabulary, e.g. muda, kaizen, is integrated with traditional quality system concepts such as value stream mapping. AMU leadership has taught lean and six sigma programs since 1995, and has evolved a framework of essential “lean” tools which are introduced in this course and used throughout the Certificate in Health Systems Management (CHSM). Classes are blended through on campus sessions, weekly online meetings, and continuous electronic exchanges between faculty and students.

Name Credits
Lean Management Principles and Best Practices in Healthcare 3
Performance Based Management in Healthcare 3
Applied Lean Management in Healthcare 3
Capstone Team Project 3