HELI 749

HELI 749
Informatics in Higher Education



notebook-53 Credits

Course Description
Data collection and analysis are core competencies of the American Meridian University doctoral programs. This course provides the next step, the core competency to utilize the data analyses to pursue action research. The utilization of the data to take action and make decisions is assembled under the umbrella of education-related Informatics. The quality system management guru, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, was reported to have said that, for most organizations, data analyses was analogous to driving while looking in the rear-view window. The ability to take action with data that was previously collected, but forgotten, does not exist. The aim of this course is to help doctoral students take timely action to use effectively the data that has been gathered. The core skill that this course provides is the ability to make significant decisions from the welter of data that is sometimes available in education-related Informatics.

Course Format
This course is delivered in a series of online modules complemented by off-line review and assistance. In-person, on-site modules are offered in addition when possible.

Course Goals
Deliver doctoral-level overview of the analytical and decision making process for utilization of education-related informatics.

Course Objectives

  • Teach how to effectively make decisions on the basis of data available from education-related informatics
  • Explain and demonstrate the skilled calculation of return on investment (ROI) from efficient decision-making from education-related informatics
  • Discuss systematic applications of decision-making from education-related informatics