Quality Management

Program Title: Quality Management Certification
Completion Award: Certification: Quality Management
Group and Team Rates: Available
Program Description

The Quality Management Certification is a hands-on, applied program during which individuals understand and practice the knowledge, competencies and skills generally accepted as in the Quality Management body of knowledge. Courses focus on separate competency and skills such as the understanding of quality management principles and best practices, and the application of those practices to reduce defects, unnecessary costs caused through errors, and non-compliance with customer expectations and requirements. The courses culminate in a team project which achieves practical, and measurable results at an employer or sponsor. Upon successfully completing this program, graduates are prepared to lead quality -based teams in process improvement, and explain measurable, tangible and financial project results. For sample process improvements from diverse fields, click here.


Certificate programs are delivered in a blended format of pre-established, on-site meetings complemented by weekly online faculty-led sessions.

Dynamic Meetings and Inter-Active Discussion

Class meetings are interactive, led by faculty who provide specific examples and welcome participants’ experiences. Online classes meet via the AMU Learning Management System (LMS), a toll-free, internet-based system on the GOTOMEETING platform, accessible globally.


Faculty are seasoned Quality practitioners who are accustomed to leading projects with experienced adults from diverse fields. All Faculty have graduate degrees.

Contact AMU

For details as to meeting dates, questions as to typical projects, and available rates for teams, sponsors and groups, please contact admissions@amu-edu.org.

Quality System Management Principles and Best Practices
Performance-Based Management
Quality Management Examples and Applications
Practicum Project