Post Doctoral Fellow

Program Title: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Completion Award: Post-Doctoral Fellow Certification
Pre-requisite: Admission as AMU Enrolled Student
Program Duration: 52 weeks (with project)
Program Description

The Post-Doctoral Fellow Certification Program assists those who have completed their doctoral courses or completed their doctorates to originate, develop, write and complete a writing achievement of significant impact. The Post-Doctoral Fellow Program is a hands-on, applied program during which individuals understand and practice the knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to prepare an original work for publication. The work may be an anthology, an original work similar to a Dissertation, a series of Conference presentations or a Dissertation itself.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Understand the techniques to originate a writing idea
  2. Develop the writing plan
  3. Complete the written work
  4. Achieve tangible, measurable, financial project management results

Certificate programs are delivered in a blended format of pre-established, on-site meetings at a designated instructional site location and weekly, online sessions at a consistent evening and time for two hours each session.

Dynamic Meetings and Inter-Active Discussion

Class meetings are interactive, led by faculty who provide specific examples and welcome participants’ experiences. Online classes meet via the AMU Learning Management System (LMS), a toll-free, internet-based system on the GOTOMEETING platform, accessible globally.


Faculty are seasoned practitioners in their subject, who are accustomed to leading projects with experienced adults from diverse fields. All faculty are Lean or Six Sigma recognized as Black Belts or Master Black Belts and have graduate degrees.

Contact AMU

For details as to meeting dates, questions as to typical projects, and available rates for teams, sponsors and groups, please contact

An Examination of Lessons Learned from Previous Written Work
Developing Subject and Scope of an Original Work
Envisioning the Audience for an Original Work
Summarizing the Scope, Aim, and Intended Results of the Original Work
Integrating Research Findings and Data into the Project
Begin Writing
Complete Draft Manuscript
Final Edit of the Manuscript
Colloquium: Present for Public Notice