AMU assesses student progress a) toward program completion and b) program-related Projects at pre-established academic milestones and also annually during Commencement Week-end. During Commencement Week-end, all students who are scheduled to graduate during Commencement Week-end receive final assessment of the quantifiable results which their Projects have achieved. In addition, faculty and students meet for one-on-one sessions with advisers and Committees relevant to their degree, Certificate or Certification programs.

As part of the AMU’s own quality management system for assessing its own institutional effectiveness, AMU invites guest faculty from AMU and other higher education sister Institutions to observe and comment on the general achievements of students/graduates. Below is a sample comment about the six sigma Certificate and Certification projects from Dr. Darryl Burrell:

“I was very impressed with projects of students that completed their Six Sigma Blackbelt certificates. The AMU Black Belt certificate programs really play a significant role in the critical aspects of organizational change through the identification the characteristics of ineffective business processes and their impact on quality operational performance. From my observation it is clear that AMU Six Sigma graduates bring value of content expertise around the ability to identify and eliminate repeatable process errors and inefficient organizational processes in ways that cut costs, increase revenue and improve client satisfaction.” Dr. Darrell Burrell