Keynote Speaker: Esteemed Educator and Humanitarian

President Dr. Hiam Sakr, Foundress of American University of Science and Technology (Lebanon) delivered the keynote address at the American Meridian University graduation. Dr. Sakr is an educational entrepreneur noted for her humanitarian commitment to providing educational access for diverse populations. Dr. Sakr received the Honorary Doctorate from American Meridian University for her lifetime achievements. Dr. Sakr’s address provided an intellectual history of education and the influence of Lebanese and Middle Eastern contributors throughout the centuries. Dr. Sakr is pictured here congratulated by professional colleagues, family and friends after her address. Also receiving Honorary Doctorates were Dr. Antoun Moussa who has led World Bank projects which brought technology and improved lives to diverse global populations, and Reverend Dr. Fadi Dagher who has provided spiritual comfort and safe havens to refugees throughout the world.