Institute of Healthcare Improvement Launches AMU Chapter

New AMU-IHI Chapter Aims at Cost-Efficient Healthcare Delivery

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is an esteemed global leader in policy development, education, and initiatives to improve healthcare for populations in the United States and globally. Among IHI’s Initiatives is Improving Healthcare for 100 Million by 2020.

College and University Campus Chapters
IHI encourages and supports the establishment of IHI Campus Chapters. Chapters have diverse aims which are set by individual Chapters themselves, but share a common mission to improve healthcare through the combined efforts of students and faculty advisors for the Chapter.

AMU IHI Campus Chapter
The AMU IHI Chapter has several distinct characteristics among Higher education Institutions:

  • The Chapter has been authorized by the AMU Board of Trustees
  • The AMU IHI Chapter will report on initiatives at the Annual BOT meeting
  • AMU has formerly appointed an AMU Faculty Adviser
  • AMU faculty from the Business, Health, and Education programs have volunteered as advisors
  • AMU Chapter students represent AMU current students in diverse US locations and globally

Chapter Mission Aligned with IHI “Triple Aim”
IHI is committed to the “Triple Aim” of healthcare:

  1. improve healthcare to populations;
  2. enhance communication between patients and healthcare provider;
  3. reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. The AMU Chapter aligns with the IHI commitment by focusing on reducing the cost of healthcare delivery through process improvement. Specifically, the Chapter will use quality systems management principles and best practices to reduce inefficiencies, rework and waste, thus reducing cost of delivery.

Chapter Reports at AMU Annual Conference (June, 2017)
AMU IHI Chapter faculty and students will report on Chapter Initiatives and progress at the AMU Annual Conference in June, 2017.

Conference Location: Boca Raton, Florida
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