Faculty book on ProQuest Academic Database

Dr. Sharon L. Burton’s new book, Transitioning to I Can from I Can’t has been selected for inclusion on the esteemed ProQuest Academic database employed in academic and professional research. Reviewers have praised Transitioning to I Can from I Can’t for “practical examples aimed at assisting people in all walks of life to make positive transitions…Readers receive inspiration to review their habits and thought processes, knowledge to delineate needed change, and help to seek solutions… Dr. Burton’s book uses case studies that provide avenues to desired personal and professional end-states.”
American Meridian University congratulates Dr. Sharon L. Burton on the book’s selection to the prestigious data base.

Dr. Sharon L. Burton is the Director of the AMU Publishing Initiative and Chair of the 3rd Annual 2017 AMU International Interdisciplinary Academic and Business Conference. (AMUIIABC) For more information on the book, click here.