QSM 545

QSM 545
Quality-Based Financial Systems



notebook-53 Credits

Course Description
This course builds the core competency of identifying the cost of waste and inefficiency.  The focus is on activity based costing (ABC) which calculates the obvious and hidden costs of rework and inefficient processes.  The course builds the skills of relating costs to their true source and calculates the real cost of external and internal failure.

Course Format
This course is delivered in on-line, on-site or blended modules complemented by off-line review and assistance.

Course Goals
Deliver graduate level knowledge of principles and best practices of accepted financial systems.

Course Objectives

  • Teach how the elements of activity based costing assists assessment of project results
  • Explain and demonstrate the skilled calculation of return on investment (ROI) from activity based costing
  • Discuss systematic applications of activity based costing to improve processes