QSM 543

QSM 543
Value Stream Mapping Learning to See Improving Throughput



notebook-53 Credits

Course Description
This course builds the core competency of advanced analysis of value in the service or production process, the root cause of process failure, and the statistical tools which help high level decision-making.  The course builds skills in advanced process mapping and statistical analyses.  All student projects will employ value stream mapping (VSM).

Course Format
This course is delivered in on-line, on-site or blended modules complemented by off-line review and assistance.

Course Goals
Deliver graduate level knowledge of principles and best practices of value stream mapping.

Course Objectives

  • Teach how the elements of value stream mapping assist assessment of project results
  • Explain and demonstrate the skilled calculation of return on investment (ROI) from value stream mapping
  • Discuss systematic applications of value stream mapping to improve processes