QSM 520

QSM 520
Teams and Team Tools



notebook-53 Credits

Course Description
The course builds a core competency via a stepped team formation program that is influenced by the military services.  Each student takes the Myers Briggs assessment and then builds a trial team based on an AMU-suggested team profile.  The course builds skills through a quick review of advanced team tools. At the graduate level, team projects are expected to achieve system-wide outcomes. Student teams will be formed to complete designated assignments.

Course Format
This course is delivered in on-line, onsite and or blended modules complemented by off-line review and assistance.

Course Goals
Deliver basic knowledge and best practices of Quality Systems Management.

Course Objectives

  • Teach how the elements of the define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC) quality system comprise a systemic approach to team building
  • Explain and demonstrate the skilled calculation of return on investment (ROI) from new or re-formulated teams
  • Discuss systematic applications of team efforts to improve processes