2015 AMU Conference Summmary

Friday, June 26th

Dr. Jay Gabrelcik (10:00-10:15AM)
Rotor balance improvement achieved through a new vectorial analysis approach.

Lorinda Lewis & Kelly Austin (10:20-10:35AM)
The lean world of finance: A look at what the future could be Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Kim L. Brown Jackson (11:00-11:15AM)
Improving Health in the Community: A Telehealth Model of Care Video | Powerpoint| Photo

James Phillips Jr. (11:20-11:35AM)
Direction, correction, and instruction: The crucial actions of the supervisory manager Video | Powerpoint| Photo

William Journigan (11:40-11:55AM)
What is Scenario Based Training Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Victoria Saenz Grimm (12:00-12:15PM)
Is the upper school education at the O’Neal school viewed as a sufficient return on investment? Video | Powerpoint| Photo | Family Photo

Lunch Break

Scott Bonney (1:25-1:40PM)
Zero to Hero: The 30 day launch of the Veterans Choice Program Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Lorinda Lewis (1:45-2:00PM)
Triage for office process improvement Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dustin Bessette (2:05-2:20PM)
A holistic approach for synchronous mobile technology adaptions in blended learning environments Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Patrick Montjoie (2:25-2:40PM)
Human error induced data loss mitigation through data change activity tracking Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Sophie Valerio (2:45-3:00PM)
An innovative lean six sigma tool: The Valerio Project Success Enabler (PSE) Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dr. Ozlem Efiloglu Kurt (3:05-3:20PM)
The effect of national culture on technology acceptance and use of information technologies in education : A cross cultural study Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dr. Francis Grimm (3:25-3:40PM)
A reengineered kidnap response model: Risk mitigation while increasing ROI in non-permissive environments Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Saturday, June 27th

William Journigan (10:00-10:15AM)
What is scenario based Training? Developing a scenario

Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dr. Jay Gabrelcik (10:20-10:35AM)
A process breakthrough in honeycomb removal using Purepulse Waterjet technology Video | Powerpoint| Photo | Family photo

Dr. Darrell N. Burrell (10:50-11:05 AM)
Exploring approaches to developing strategies for academic research and academic publishing in social change, community development, business, and health Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dustin Bessette (11:10-11:25AM)
Non-traditional operations of faculty in cyber-learning environments Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dr. James Phillips (11:30-11:45AM)
Building on success: Purchase card program phase II Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Lunch Break

Howard Charles Miller (2:30-2:45PM)
Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome-Related Suicides: A model for improved treatment Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Dr. Denise S. Lasater (2:50-3:05PM)
The benefits of evidence-based practice Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Scott Bonney (3:10-3:25PM)
NextGen CPI: Automating business transformation for the 21st century Video | Powerpoint| Photo[

Sharon Nicholas & Myles Esmele (3:30-3:45PM)
A calibration model at the United States Naval Sea Warfare Command Video | Powerpoint| Photo

Virtual Presentations

Dr. Suniti Ahuja & Devika Ahuja
Teacher education Powerpoint

Jorja Wright
Sense making and strategic foresight in healthcare Powerpoint

Aslanbek Naziev
On teaching distributive laws for quantifiers and logical connectives Powerpoint

Carl Ball
Developing a win-win model in the home services  industry Powerpoint

Surendar Vaddepalli
Business intelligence applications & technology: A case study of small business Powerpoint

Md. Aftab Uddin Chowdhury & Mohammad Akteruzzaman
Teaching the structures of academic writing through peer review: A study on the beginners of English language courses at BRAC University Powerpoint

Hasnain Abbas Dharamshi, Saad Ullah, Faizan Sheraz, Erum Ashraf, and Ahmad Faraz
Variation of peak expiratory flow rate with body mass index in medical students of Karachi, Pakistan Powerpoint

Ahmad Muneer Tamkin
Afghan and USA relations Powerpoint

Dr. Suniti Ahuja & Devika Ahuja
Exploring various issues embedded with distance education Powerpoint

Aslanbek Naziev
The conception of humanitarianly oriented mathematics teaching Powerpoint

Hamza Imtiaz
How do perception of leadership behavior changes across the organizational cultures? Powerpoint

Forrest Carlson
Cycle time reduction in the provision of biologics to patients with complex diseases Powerpoint

Latoya Trowers-Bell
Evaluating student engagement of a health services club on academic performance at a for-profit college: An action research study Powerpoint