Next Level Nursing (NLN)

What is GHA Next Level Nursing (NLN) 2020?

GHA Next Level Nurse (NLN) 2020 is a response to the “2020 Year of the Nurse, Nursing Now Nightingale Challenge”, a global initiative which calls for a commitment to the provision of leadership and development training for nurses and midwives.

Next Level Nursing 2020 represents a pathway to enhanced nursing practice through the promotion of ongoing training, development and advocacy supporting increased roles in nurse leadership and a prominent voice in health care policy. This includes greater investment in the education and training of the nursing workforce to advance actions and results to impact patient care.

Nursing Now 2020

Key Themes of Next Level Nursing 2020

• Investment in ongoing personal and professional training and development
• Expansion of leadership and advocacy roles and positions
• Creation of new models through research and development to have the greatest impact
• Use of the Next Level Nursing networks, technology and professional forums to share best nursing practices
• Promotion of innovation and emerging technologies to enhance patient care
• Invest in helping to mentor and train the next generation of nursing professionals

About GHA Institute

Global Health Access (GHA) Institute is committed to training and developing nurses and health care professionals on best practices when using emerging technology such as telemedicine and telehealth. Our strategic goal is to develop professionals as the declaration of quality and reachable services depend upon a workforce wrapped in knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies. This Institute’s people seek to improve outcomes for all individuals across their lifespans. For a nation to thrive its citizenry must be knowledgeable. We drive to inspire knowledgeable communities by connecting learners to their edifying pursuits.

Nursing Now

Why Should I Become a Member?

• Discounts on GHA Institute Courses
• Access to apply for discount services
• E-Newsletter updates
• To invest in your own personal and professional training and development
• Increase my involvement in leadership and advocacy opportunities
• Showcase and learn about new nursing models and practices
• Becoming part of Next Level Nurse NLN2020 Networking to connect to others to learn about best practices, innovations, technology use, latest funding opportunities and resources available
• Share success stories in advancing patient care
• Learn about and contribute support of the next generation of student nurses


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